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The mission of Utah Prosecution Council is to provide quality training for state and local prosecutors as well as law enforcement officers through an exchange of information and experience to ensure the administration of justice reflecting the highest ethical and professional standards.

eProsecutor Resources

This page has links to all of the resources for eProsecutor support and training. If you still need assistance after looking through the resources available here, please have your designated admin for your office contact Ron Weight.

Please look at the knowledge base for eProsecutor (see help desk link below) to see if your issue has already been addressed before creating a support ticket.

Resource Links

Help Desk - KB View FAQS Videos - Training JTI Word Add-In (v. 1.7.13)

Video Tutorials

Relating Cases

A short video to show how to relate cases together for an individual with 2 or more cases in the system.

Changing your password

A short video to show where to go to change your password.

Pasword Change Imamge

2 Factor Authentication

This video will help explain the UCJIS required 2FA security process for logging into eProsecutor


Creating a Shared Office Calendar

This video shows the process of creating a shared office calendar. This makes it possible for a user or support staff to view events scheduled for anyone in the office. Note: There is no sound.

Calendar Sharing

The Charge Decision Folder View

This video will help explain the process that works the best when using the Charge Decision folder view.

Charge Decision Process


This section should answer most of your questions related to the UPC contract with Journal Technologies and e-Prosecutor. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please contact Ron Weight.

Security and 2FA

After working with UCJIS folks, it's been determined that in order to use any CJI data in eProsecutor, we must implement 2FA (2 factor authentication). This means that each user will need to have a smart device that has the Google Authenticator app (or equivalent - there are others that work as well) installed on it. The device can be an Android or an Apple phone or tablet. It can actually be any device that can install the Authenticator app on it. In order to log in to eProsecutor you will need your username and password as well as a code from the app to successfully login and use eProsecutor.

What is the status of eProsecutor

eProsecutor is now deployed to all but a couple of the agencies that returned signed agreements and were on the initial 150 paid up licenses (grant paid). The final few are scheduled. 2FA is enabled and required for using eProsecutor (as a UCJIS requirement).

Can I look at it now?

You can try it out using the testing instance if you want to. It does NOT require 2FA. Please let me know if you are interested.

When will my jurisdiction get it?

All of the licenses paid for by the grant (150) have been allocated. You can still get eProsecutor, but will need to pay for each license you need on a yearly basis. Email Ron for more info

How much is it going to cost?

The Council has determined to charge each agency an administration fee of $206 per user per year to cover the costs of UPC's application administrator. The Council reserves the right to adjust this amount for each year of the contract and will address the issue at their April meeting each year. For now (8-3-2000), the fee is set at $206 per user.
Those agencies that have signed agreements filed with UPC are part of the initial group of 150 users that the contract price covered and the grants paid for.
That group of 150 user license is now exhausted.
Any additional users must be paid for at the current per user license fee set by JTI and they will bill agencies for licenses that are not covered under the grant. If your agency would like to use eProsecutor you will need to factor in the cost of the user licenses as well as the administration fee.
Your agency is responsible to provide the means for users to receive the 2FA code in order to login (see above explanation). You may incur costs related to hardware or software necessary to accomplish this. These costs are not covered by the grant or the user fees, but it should only be a one time cost if any.
Please contact UPC for more specific information regarding user license fees.

Are Document storage costs included with the license fees?

No, except for an initial alottment of 1 TB. As of 8-3-2020 we have used about 40% of that original allotment. Each agency will be billed for any additional storage costs incurred. The method of assessing the cost per each agency is being evaluated and we will update everyone as soon as it is finalized. The cost of each additional TB (terabyte) of storage is $5,000 per year.

Will we need to pay for training?

Training and support of eProsecutor will be provided by UPC staff and is part of the $206 per user per year administration fee assessed by the council.

If my jurisdiction does not like the one-size-fits-all product, can we change it?

No. If you need a system different than the one provided, you would need to negotiate a separate contract with JTI.

The MOA talks about reports that need to be submitted. How difficult will that be?

JTI and/or UPC will build these into the system and they will be run by the Administrator or users as needed.

Do I have to sign the MOA to receive eProsecutor?

Yes. You will also need to sign a Joinder agreement with JTI. The link below contains the Memo and the current MOA. Please contact us if you need to the contract and joinder agreements to review and sign.

What about the offense table?

The UPC Administrator will create a software bridge that will insert legislative changes into eProsecutor. Local, county and city codes will be imported in a similar manner, but each agency will be responsible to notify UPC about any changes or additions so they can be added or modified.

What about PIMS?

PIMS is still available and Ron will continue to provide limited support - at least until the end of 2019.

Can we continue to use PIMS and not eProsecutor?

Yes. UPC can provide you with the source code so you can maintain and update it yourself. Ron will also continue to provide limited support for those who already have it until the end of 2020.

Who is the point of contact for eProsecutor questions and issues?

Ron Weight will be the eProsecutor Administrator for the state. He is your first point of contact with any questions or requests. He will then communicate with Journal Technologies Inc (JTI) as needed to work out any issues. He will be able to add users and other administrative tasks.

How do we add an additional user when/if that becomes necessary?

A new user can be added whenever necessary. Contact Ron at UPC with the necessary details for the new user. Since all 150 users provided for by the contract are already assigned, an additional charge for the user will be assessed and payable to JTI as per the current rates. If the new user is replacing a previous user, then no additional fee is necessary, but you MUST report that to Ron so he can adjust it in the system.
Please contact UPC for current pricing.

What, if any, are the video storage limits?

We have determined that video will not be stored in the system. There is just too much of it and the database space and bandwidth required to store video and the costs associated with that are just too high.

What are the recommendations for storing video?

It is recommended that video be stored in the local office either on DVDs or other storage medium as needed. You can add a note to a case that indicates where and how the essential video is stored.

Can existing data be imported into eProsecutor?

The short answer is yes, it can be, but it will be an additional cost. Converting and importing existing data is not part of the contract. If an agency feels that they need to have their data imported into the system, it will be their responsibility to contract individually with Journal Technology (JTI) do the programming necessary. One possibility that has been suggested by the testing agencies is to hire a temp person to input the most important cases into eProsecutor.

Can data be imported from other sources, such as Law Enforcement databases?

Yes, it can, but this is not part of the contract and would be an extra expense. There is an API (application programming interface) available for this kind of project. Again, you can contract with JTI for this to be done.

Do we need to re-negotiate the contract after 5 years?

No. The contract allows for continuing use after the initial 5 years. eProsecutor is considered a subscription service, so each year, after the initial 5 years, you will be billed for the current per user rate each year thereafter. So, if the current user rate at the beginning of the 6th year is $1,700 (this is just an example - not the actual cost) per user and you have 5 users, then you would be billed $8,500 for the next year. The cost per user may go up a little each year.

How will training be done?

Training will be done at initial deployment and as needed on an indidual or group basis and may be done using remote software such as GoToMeeting.

Memo - MOA